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Samsung Tuntut Balik Huawei Rp351 Miliar Belum lama ini, Huawei menyeret Samsung ke pengadilan atas dasar pelanggaran hak cipta. Tampaknya Samsung memutuskan untuk menyerang balik dan menuntut Huawei atas tuduhan yang sama, yaitu pelanggaran hak cipta, lapor Reuters. Melalui tuntutan yang terdaftar di pengadilan properti intelektual di Beijing, Samsung menuduh Huawei…

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Huawei sues Samsung over patents

Huawei is suing its tech rival Samsung over claims that its patents have been infringed. The Chinese firm said it was pursuing its South Korean rival in two courts – one in California, the other in Shenzhen. According to Huawei, several of its cellular communications…

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Nokia Alcatel-Lucent deal would make a complementary patent portfolio

The possible acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent of France by Finland-based Nokia would bring together complementary patent portfolios and increase their scale against larger global competitors, analysts said Tuesday. Nokia’s patents primarily cover technology used for communications between smartphones and cell towers equipped with base stations that…

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