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Omnibus Law Dianggap Cederai Sejarah Paten

Pasal yang bakal dihapus adalah ruh dari UU Paten.   RUU Cipta Kerja bakal berimbas pada banyak aspek, bukan hanya perizinan dan ketenagakerjaan, tetapi juga regulasi kekayaan intelektual. Dampak terhadap kekayaan intelektual belum banyak dilihat, padahal jika draf yang ada sekarang diberlakukan, imbasnya sangat besar….

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Waymo patents cars that soften to safeguard pedestrians

Self-driving cars could loosen up if they collide with humans. Self-driving cars are supposed to be safer by nature, as they shouldn’t make nearly as many driving errors as humans. However, Waymo might not be willing to take any chances. The Alphabet-owned company recently received…

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Microsoft patents another try at a cheaper Surface table

Microsoft’s Surface table (now PixelSense) was always a great technology held back by the massive cost of having such  a huge high-resolution multi-touch screen. Now Microsoft has applied for a new patent “INTERACTIVE INTEGRATED DISPLAY AND PROCESSING DEVICE” which should make the technology cheaper and…

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Microsoft patent hints at a more human-like Cortana

The digital assistant will sound less like a machine and speak more naturally. A newly discovered Microsoft patent hints that Microsoft is developing more personalized, “human-like” responses for Cortana, so she sounds less generic and speaks to the user directly using personal information. The patent…

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