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Huawei sues Samsung over patents

Huawei is suing its tech rival Samsung over claims that its patents have been infringed. The Chinese firm said it was pursuing its South Korean rival in two courts – one in California, the other in Shenzhen. According to Huawei, several of its cellular communications…

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Oracle sues HPE for Solaris copyright infringement

Oracle has filed a lawsuit against HP Enterprise for allegedly helping its partner to provide software support for the Solaris operating system. In a complaint filed in federal court in San Jose, California, Oracle claimed that HPE was aware of the marketing of support software…

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Google and LG strike broad patent licensing deal

Google and LG have entered into a patent cross-licensing deal, the latest partnership seeking to reduce the threat of lawsuits between major tech companies.The agreement, announced on Tuesday, covers “a broad range of products and technologies” built on the two companies’ existing patents as well…

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