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Qualcomm signs patent license with Xiaomi

Four of top five Chinese smartphone firms now have inked deals Qualcomm has inked a technology licensing deal with smartphone maker Xiaomi – a major Chinese firm that previously balked at paying royalties for use of the San Diego company’s patents. The deal announced Wednesday…

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Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Exciting New Smartphone Designs

Worried about cracking your smartphone screen? Some interesting new smartphone designs from Samsung could be to the rescue. The U.S. Patent and Trade Office recently published Samsung’s request for a patent on new folding and scroll-style smartphone designs. Either of these designs would be significant innovations for smartphone…

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Samsung’s foldable smartphone pops up in new patent

Rumor has it Samsung is gearing up to release its first foldable smartphone, codenamed “Project Valley,” early next year. It may sound like science fiction, but a recent patent from the South Korean company spotted by Patently Mobile reveals how Samsung could pull it off. The theoretical design…

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