Plant Variety

General Provisions:
Protection of crop variety, hereinafter abbreviated as PVP, shall be special protection given by the state, which in this case is represented by the government with the implementation being in the hands of the Office of Plant Variety Protection, to plant variety developed by breeders through their breeding activities.

plant variety, herein after referred to as variety, shall be a group of plants of a species marked by the shape of the plant, the growth of the plant, the leaves, the flowers, the fruits, the seeds and the characteristics expression of the genotype or a combination of genotypes which can distinguish them from the same species by at least one determining character which when multiplied, shall not undergo changes;

Plant Variety to be Granted Protection

Plant Variety Protection shall be granted to new variety of plant species which is new, distinct, uniform and stable, provided that the variety is designated by a denomination.

Plant Variety which cannot be granted Protection

The Variety which cannot be granted protection shall be the variety whose use contradicts the prevailing laws, public order, decency, religious norms, health and environmental sustainability.