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Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Exciting New Smartphone Designs

Worried about cracking your smartphone screen? Some interesting new smartphone designs from Samsung could be to the rescue. The U.S. Patent and Trade Office recently published Samsung’s request for a patent on new folding and scroll-style smartphone designs. Either of these designs would be significant innovations for smartphone…

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YouTube Paid $1 Billion to Copyright Holders

YouTube has reportedly paid out a whopping $1 billion to various copyright holders since 2007 as part of the Google’s Content ID program. Content ID Program According to Google, the program scans 400 years’ worth of content daily in efforts to identify potential copyright issues….

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MGM Resorts files trademark lawsuit against pot company

By ARNOLD M. KNIGHTLY LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL With the medical marijuana industry in Nevada on the horizon, gaming giant MGM Resorts International is going to court against a pot company for trademark infringement. MGM has filed a federal trademark lawsuit against M Life Inc., a…

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Hina Nabi Muhammad, Google Kembali Digugat

CALIFORNIA –  Google Inc kembali digugat atas trailer film berjudul “Innocence of Muslims” yang mengejek Nabi Muhammad dan menimbulkan kerusuhan pada tahun 2012. Hal ini dilakukan enam bulan setelah pengadilan banding AS memutuskan agar trailer film ini segera ditarik dari Youtube. Gaylord Flynn sang aktor…

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