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The next Apple Watch may have a built-in camera

The Apple Watch hasn’t seen a hardware update since it was released thirteen months ago. But whenever the day for a face lift finally comes, there’s a good chance the Apple Watch will contain a built-in camera, if a recent patent from Apple is to…

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Apple Berminat Kembangkan Perangkat Cincin Pintar?

San Francisco – Setelah sukses dengan jam tangan pintar Apple Watch, tampaknya Apple berminat menghadirkan perangkat wearable lainnya. Kabarnya, perangkat baru tersebut akan berbentuk cincin pintar yang kemungkinan merupakan versi mini dari Apple Watch. Rencana Apple ini diketahui dari munculnya bocoran dokumen paten yang berisi…

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Apple patents smart smoke detection system for iPhone

According to a patent granted to Apple on Tuesday, iPhones, iPads and other branded equipment could one day sport onboard smoke detection hardware to alert users, and interested parties, of a potentially dangerous situation. Source: USPTO Apple’s U.S. Patent No. 9,123,221 for “Wireless device networks…

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Apple Watch band is filled with cool tech, patent reveals

Your Apple Watch band contains some cutting-edge fabrication technology that could extend into other fashion accessories, according to a patent filing released today. The patent describes an ingenious method for molding “woven fibers” into any desired shape and securing them without stitching. The bands available…

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