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Samsung Awarded Patent For A Foldable Tablet

Samsung had released a ton of devices over the years, this company is well-known for a wide range of products, from smartphones, tablets and smartwatches to TV sets, refrigerators, etc. That being said, Samsung is considered to be one of the more innovative companies out…

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Apply For a Trademark Before It’s Too Late

With trademarks, the early bird gets the worm. I’m often asked when is the best time to trademark a new business or product name. On one hand, entrepreneurs feel pressure to register a trademark right away before anyone else starts using the name. On the…

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Timaru men granted patent for mountainbike stands

An innovative mountainbike stand designed by two Timaru men is ready for export as a worldwide patent is granted. Alliance Group’s Smithfield plant handyman Nigel Mobberley created the first prototype in his garage after his new mountainbike fell over and was scratched last year. His…

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