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Modesto-area lawmakers expand park trademark fight

The fuss over trademarks in Yosemite National Park has prompted Modesto-area lawmakers to try to prevent the same thing in state parks. Assembly Bill 2249, introduced last week, would bar concession holders from claiming trademarks for names tied to state parks. They range from world-renowned,…

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A Gene-Editing Startup Just Won A CRISPR Patent

Now, the field is trying to figure out what Caribou Biosciences’ latest patent means. A biotech startup has been issued a patent that involves CRISPR, the breakthrough gene-editing method that has sparked a nearly unprecedented intellectual property feud between some of the country’s biggest institutions….

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Samsung patent counterstrike against Nvidia falls flat

Another patent war that isn’t paying off, for anyone. In 2014, Nvidia filed its first-ever patent lawsuit. The target was Korean smartphone giant Samsung. Predictably, Samsung struck back—but a jury’s verdict that came out on Friday shows neither side is getting traction. Nvidia claimed that Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets containing Qualcomm’s Adreno, ARM’s…

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