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Samsung patent counterstrike against Nvidia falls flat

Another patent war that isn’t paying off, for anyone. In 2014, Nvidia filed its first-ever patent lawsuit. The target was Korean smartphone giant Samsung. Predictably, Samsung struck back—but a jury’s verdict that came out on Friday shows neither side is getting traction. Nvidia claimed that Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets containing Qualcomm’s Adreno, ARM’s…

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Samsung Wins First Round in Graphics Patent Case Nvidia

A U.S. trade judge said Nvidia Corp. infringed Samsung Electronics Co. patents, offering another win for the Korean gear-maker in a running legal battle between the electronics companies. The findings against chip-maker Nvidia by a judge at the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington are…

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Nvidia Loses Patent Case Against Samsung at Trade Agency

Nvidia Corp. lost its claims against Samsung Electronics Co. and Qualcomm Inc. after a U.S. trade agency said there was no violation of Nvidia’s patent rights related to graphics-processing chips. The U.S. International Trade Commission upheld on Monday a judge’s October findings that cleared Samsung…

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Apple Patent Application Hints at Waterproof iPhone

The patent application describes special rubber ports over headphone and other openings to protect them from water coming in. Apple is applying for a patent for a technology that could allow the company to build waterproof iPhones in the future by protecting external headphone ports…

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Langgar Paten, Apple Dapat Rp7,6 T dari Samsung

San Francisco – Samsung akhirnya sepakat dan mau membayar uang lebih sebesar US$548 juta atau sekitar Rp7,6 triliun ke Apple atas pelanggaran hak cipta paten yang telah berlangsung hampir lima tahun. Seperti dilaporkan The Verge, Samsung bakal membayar denda setelah Apple mengirimkan bukti invoice denda…

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Samsung Patent Filings Reveal Exciting New Smartphone Designs

Worried about cracking your smartphone screen? Some interesting new smartphone designs from Samsung could be to the rescue. The U.S. Patent and Trade Office recently published Samsung’s request for a patent on new folding and scroll-style smartphone designs. Either of these designs would be significant innovations for smartphone…

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