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Waymo patents cars that soften to safeguard pedestrians

Self-driving cars could loosen up if they collide with humans. Self-driving cars are supposed to be safer by nature, as they shouldn’t make nearly as many driving errors as humans. However, Waymo might not be willing to take any chances. The Alphabet-owned company recently received…

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Google Fiber stalls in Nashville in fight over utility poles

AT&T, Comcast resist Nashville plan to speed Google Fiber construction. Google Fiber started examining Nashville, Tennessee, for a possible deployment more than two and a half years ago, it confirmed plans to build in January 2015, and it started serving a few apartment and condominium buildings in…

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Huawei sues Samsung over patents

Huawei is suing its tech rival Samsung over claims that its patents have been infringed. The Chinese firm said it was pursuing its South Korean rival in two courts – one in California, the other in Shenzhen. According to Huawei, several of its cellular communications…

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Samsung Patents New Terminator-Style Contact Lens

Is this the start of the rise of the machine? Or is it just some sweet upcoming tech from the Korean giant? I think it’s just some sweet upcoming tech from the Korean giant. Recently, Samsung was been granted a patent in South Korea for contact lenses…

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