Square Enix trademarks Kimi to Kiri no Labyrinth, believed to be I Am Setsuna successor

Reports are coming in that point towards a new Square Enix title called Kimi to Kiri no Labyrinth. The trademark filed by the company turned up on several gaming publications overnight, and many believe that this is the follow up to Tokyo RPG Factory’s excellent JRPG sleeper-hit, I Am Setsuna.

Well, there’s not much to suggest this is indeed the case, but Kimi to Kiri no Labyrinth follows a similar naming pattern to I Am Setsuna’s Japanese title, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna. 

There is no confirmation on what this project is, but plenty are holding out for Tokyo RPG Factory’s second chance at a classically styled JRPG. The multiple uses of the Japanese “to” and “no” in the title make for a minimal connection at best, but I’d say the timing is just about right to at least give the idea a small tease. It could just as easily be yet another Square Enix mobile title, so who knows?

The title roughly translates into “You and the Labyrinth of Fog.”

Tokyo RPG Factory recently posted a 244 million yen (~$2.41 million) loss, but that figure was published before I Am Setsuna became a surprise critical darling over the summer. If word of mouth proves to be strong, hopefully enough will buy I Am Setsuna, and Square Enix will allow Tokyo RPG Factory to continue working on classic style JRPGs like “You and the Labyrinth of Fog,”



Source: technobuffalo.com