Samsung Patents New Terminator-Style Contact Lens

Is this the start of the rise of the machine? Or is it just some sweet upcoming tech from the Korean giant?

I think it’s just some sweet upcoming tech from the Korean giant.

Recently, Samsung was been granted a patent in South Korea for contact lenses with a display that projects images directly into wearer’s eyes, according to the Samsung-focused blog SamMobileA built-in camera and sensors are controlled by blinking. How cool is that?!


The race is now on for augmented reality contact lenses, as Google also hold patents for smart contact lenses with flexible electronics and sensors that read the chemicals in the tear fluid of the wearer’s eyes to determine if their blood sugar levels have fallen to fatal levels.

However, it should be noted that often patents for up-and-coming devices don’t lead to the full production of the thing. But you gotta start somewhere right? I’m holding out hope!